Skin Vacuum Machines

Vacuum skin packaging machine SS-480T (Rotary type)

Automatic film feeding, more sanitary

Support modified atmosphere packaging 

Prolong shelf life of ready meal

The O2 / N2 / CO2 ratio can be changed depending on the food.

Multi shapes. Possibility to pack trays of different sizes / shapes.

Individual shape according to the client's tray

Easy to maintain and operate

The vacuum skin packaging wraps product gently like its second skin. It shows the best quality of product, and makes it easy to choose. Vacuum skin pack is the future for food packaging.
Just press start button, the machine will automatically deliver tray seat into vacuum chamber, film feeding, vacuum / seal / trim / output the trays.
It only cost about 20s for one packing cycle.
The machine can support to pack 1-6 pieces trays at the same time.
Food grade contact parts SUS 304
Touch screen 





Pack Styles


1. Suitable item. Food item like ready meal, meat, fish, sausage, cheese, fruit, vegetables, tofu, salad, sandwich, pizza, cooked food etc. 

2. Tray size. Machines are customized accordingly to client tray size/shape. Above is just for reference.

3. Package type. Our machine can support tray+film. Opening aid corner is optional, with extra 150USD.

4. Package material. Trays made from PP / PET/ Aluminium foil. 

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SS-480T (Rotary type)

Tray size


Maximum film width

≤ 480mm

Sealing film roll diameter MAX.

320 mm

Packing speed

2-3 cycles per minute


380V/50HZ/3 phase or customized


7.5 kw

Vacuum Pump

Germany BUSCH

Working pressure

6/8 bar

Gas consumption

0.4-0.6 NI


1 year (Certificate CE)

Machine Size


Machine weight

400 kg

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Tips for getting the best quote from us you need:

1. What volume of each sachet?

2. What is length and width of each sachet?

3. Desired packing speed per minute?

4. Do you need date printer or cursor sensor?