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Samsonpac packing machine (Foshan Senxun Packing Machine Co., Ltd.) is a professional company specialized in manufacturing and marketing packaging machines. We have experienced sales and R&D teams who are totally customer-oriented and provide optimal solutions for clients.

Our packaging machine is widely applied to the packaging of food, medical products, chemical, and commodities with the characteristics of reasonable designs, complicated manufacture, simple operation and superior quality.

Our products have passed authoritative certification. All the indexes are in line with international standard. In the past few years, we have absorbed advanced technology from home and aboard, kept innovation and devoted ourselves to providing elegant and high quality packaging machines for our clients.


We regard ourselves as a partner of our customers. We work closely with you to develop solutions that deliver both technical and economic success. We have follow advantages
Manufacturer Factory

By looking deeply into our customers' demands and competing with the current method of packaging, our engineers strive to develop advanced technology and deliver more intelligent solutions.
In the near future, a more automated shrink wrap machine and a more automated feeding system equipped with robotic arms are possible with our ongoing research and innovation.

20+Years Experience

High standards and high demand, quality guaranteed
Parts first inspection passing rate of 98%
Product delivery difficult time passing rate of 97%
Finished products manufactured pass rate of 100%
Customer feedback processing rate of 99%

After-sales Service

Customer-oriented, eager to take care of customers,To provide customers with unique value, choose Samsonpac, we are your strong backing.

Booming Business

Field maintenance and repair service.
Free spare parts.
Field installation, commissioning and training.
Video technical support.
Online support.