Tea Bag Packing Machine

Tea Bag packing machine SS-210TBP


1. High efficiency, high speed reach, with best performance and stability

2. Counting device included, it greatly increased the packaging efficiency.

3. High automation level and save labor cost, the machine able to finish all the work of bag making, tea weighing, tea filling, thread adding, tea bag sealing, bag cutting, outer envelop adding automatically.

4. Temperature setting accurately by independent controller

5. Machine construction according to CE regulation, it is quite safe.

6. Unique adjustable volume dosing system, easy to change filling weight.

7. All the product contact part made from high quality stainless steel SUS304, this follow GMP standard, with good sanitation, easy for cleaning. 


This automatic teabag filling packing machine is widely used for packing different products as follow:

Tea industry: crushed green tea, black tea, buckwheat tea.

Herb industry:  crushed mint, organic lemon, black pepper, pepper berries, natural strawberry flavour etc.

Medicine industry: healthy diet product, slimming tea etc.

Pack Styles

Our series of packaging machinery can produce high-quality and innovative pack styles you need. Or contact our experts to talk about your new ideas.

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Semi-automatic Wrapping Machine



Measuring Scope


Film thickness


Sealing Type

Three Sides sealing

Inner Bag Dimension


Outer Bag Dimension


Packing Speed

30-40 bags per min


220V, 50hz, 1.5 kW



Machine weight

500 kg

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