Multi Head Packing Machine

Vertical Multi-Head Packing Machine SS-720

Outstanding Features

Controlled by PLC,touch screen HMI let operation direct  and simple

The main machine and multi-head weigher is made of stainless steel 304, in line with health requirement

The key components are adopted famous international brands, stable and durable

The machine structure is simple and firm,  helpful for reducing vibration and noise when machine working

The whole packaging processes if full automatic, more efficient and save labor cost

2 heads , 4 heads ,10 heads, 14 heads, 16 heads and 20 heads weigher are available and suitable to different packing needs. 


Full-automatic Weigh-Form-Fill-Seal type, efficient and simple to use.

Use famous brand electric and pneumatic components, stable and long life circle.

Use superior mechanical components, reduce the wear out loss.

The whole machine adopts servo control system, the machine runs stably and reliably, the operation is simpler and the system is more intelligent

Touch screen 7″, one for packing machine, another for multi-head weigher




Food Packaging Machine

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2. Food Powder Packing Machine
3. Liquid Packing Machine
4. Tea Bag Packing Machine
5. Instant Noodles Packaging Machine
6. Skin Packaging Machine For Food
7. Food Wrapping Machine

Vacuum Packing Machine

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Vertical Packaging Machine

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3. Vertical Liquid Packing Machine
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Automatic Machine

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3. Automatic Vacuum Packing Machine
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7. Automatic Granule Packing Machine
8. Automatic Instant Noodles Packaging Machine
9. Automatic Food Wrapping Machines
10. Automatic Skin Packaging Machine
11. Automatic Food Packing Machine

Semi-automatic Wrapping Machine

Machine Model


Packing complex

Packing Machine +10 heads weigher  +Z type Elevator+Working Platform 

Film width


Film thickness


Bag size


Packing speed

10-40 bags per min

Measuring Weight



220V, 50hz, 4kW

Machine Size


Bag Material

many kinds of composite film
or pure PE film

Air Compression

0.3m³/min 0.65Mpa

Machine weight


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