Multi Head Packing Machine

Multi head packing machines reduce the cost of packaging products, improve efficiency and reduce consumption, which makes multi head packing machines more and more popular. Samsonpac automatic packing machine manufacturers provide customers with high-quality multi head packing machines.

A multi-head weigher packing machine is suitable for various food packaging, such as puffed food, chips, peanut, melon seed, coffee bean, broad bean, red dates, oatmeal, rice crust, popcorn, grains, dried fruit, biscuit, shrimp strip, etc. It adopts a programmable control system with a large touch screen, servo film conveying system positioning accurately.

Pioneers in the industry, we offer Multi Head Automatic Pouch Packing Machine, Dry Fruits Packing Machines, Snacks Pouch Packing Machine, Snacks Pouch Packaging Machine, Full Pneumatic Snacks Packaging Machine and Powder Packaging Machine from China.

Symbolic of all the success, we have acquired in the industry, remains our status as a prominent manufacturer and supplier of  Multi-Head packaging Machine For delivering a defect-free range, the offered packaging machine is inspected on numerous parameters of quality.

Vertical Multi-Head Packing Machine SS-720

Vertical Multi-Head Packing Machine SS-720

Full-automatic Weigh-Form-Fill-Seal type, efficient and simple to use.

Use famous brand electric and pneumatic components, stable and long life circle.

Use superior mechanical components, reduce the wear out loss.

The whole machine adopts servo control system, the machine runs stably and reliably, the operation is simpler and the system is more intelligent

Touch screen 7″, one for packing machine, another for multi-head weigher

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