Tea Bag Packing Machine

The automatic tea bag filling and packaging machine or tea packaging machine uses air pressure to deliver the tea to a greater extent to preserve the integrity of the tea, and to maximize the size and taste of the tea bag. The automatic tea bag filling machine reduces the tea manufacturer's production cost as much as possible. Samsonpac's unremitting tea packaging machine carries out product innovation to meet customer requirements.


The automtic tea bag filling and packaing machine is suitable for the automatic packaging of seeds, medicines, health products, tea, and other commodities. Therefore, the tea bag packaging machine can pack the inner bag and the outer bag simultaneously.

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Tea Bag packing machine SS-210TBP

Tea Bag packing machine SS-210TBP

High efficiency, high speed reach, with best performance and stability
Counting device included, it greatly increased the packaging efficiency.
High automation level and save labor cost, the machine able to finish all the work of bag making, tea weighing, tea filling, thread adding, tea bag sealing, bag cutting, outer envelop adding automatically.
Temperature setting accurately by independent controller
Machine construction according to CE regulation, it is quite safe.
Unique adjustable volume dosing system, easy to change filling weight.
All the product contact part made from high quality stainless steel SUS304, this follow GMP standard, with good sanitation, easy for cleaning. 
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