Comapany profile

Company profile

Samsonpac packing machine (Foshan Senxun Packing Machine Co., Ltd.) is a professional company specialized in manufacturing and marketing packaging machines. We have experienced sales and R&D teams who are totally customer-oriented and provide optimal solutions for clients.

Our packaging machine is widely applied to the packaging of food, medical products, chemical, and commodities with the characteristics of reasonable designs, complicated manufacture, simple operation and superior quality.

Our products have passed authoritative certification. All the indexes are in line with international standard. In the past few years, we have absorbed advanced technology from home and aboard, kept innovation and devoted ourselves to providing elegant and high quality packaging machines for our clients.

We are the most reliable friend.

The Samsonpac manufacture vertical form-fill-seal packaging machines for high-speed packaging of various food and non-food products. A complete range for maximum versatility: Samsonpac vertical packaging machines are able to produce over 30 different types of packaging, from traditional pillow bags, to square-based and practical Open & Reclose packs with adhesive strips or zips and entirely printable surfaces.The vertical packaging machines are used in conjunction with dosing systems and multi-head or linear weighers.

The professionalism of Samsonpac is technical staff and the cutting-edge technology they have achieved in designing and constructing their machines enable them to meet all company-customer requirements to suit the type of products being packed and the kind of packaging used.