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Cleaning Tips for Vacuum Packing Machine


As the increasing of the population, people also become stricter with the quality of the products. As a result, the requirements on machinery packing also become more and more urgent. At the present period, the vacuum packaging machine which could pack meat, tea, seafood, and so on is a relatively popular type of packaging machine in packaging applications. It is because this type of packaging machine offers different functional options to customers. In order to keep its high working efficiency, we should notice that we should make scheduled maintenance for the machines. Here is some helpful advice for maintaining the machines.

Tips 1: 

In a normal situation, the oil in the vacuum pump must be clear and bright,not be muddy. Furthermore, good oil should not have any bubbles. If the oil contains an undispersed milky white chemical substance, that indicates that there are some external substances that invade the oil. If this occasion happens, we should change the new oil instantly.

Tips 2:

The staff should carefully check the oil mass and observe the color of the oil. If the oil mass is lower than the “Min” mark, the staff should make up oil. The oil mass should not be higher than the “Max” mark. If the excessed oil dilutes the oil, the staff should replace all the parts. If necessary, the staff also should replace the gas ballast valve.

Tips 3:

The staff who are the persons actually operating the machines should check and evaluate the air inlet filter device and exhaust pipe filter device of the packaging machine once a month. These devices are the important factors that affect the working efficiency of vacuum packaging machines.

Tips 4: 

After half a year of use, the staff should clean the dust and stain which lay on the vacuum pump cavity. We also should clean the cooling fans’ module cover, blades, natural ventilation grille, and so on. Notice: You could clean the machine by the way of air compression.

Tips 5: 

Once the vacuum packaging machine has worked 500-2000 hours, the staff should change the vacuum pump oil and oil filter.


The above parts are a detailed introduction of the maintenance methods of the vacuum packing machine. As a matter of fact, the quality of the overall maintenance of the machines counts on the quality of the actual maintenance of the specific components. Therefore, it is a key point to correctly grasp the operation and knowledge of the component maintenance. All equipment needs maintenance to properly prolong its lifetime. Therefore, the author hopes these tips could help you properly clean the machines.

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