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The Benefits of Fully Automatic Packing Machine


In the vigorous economy, the packaging machine industry also is in a long-term booming period. For the packing machine manufacturers, they apply their minds to make their products different. Actually, it requires diverse innovations such as technology, appearance, and R & D. We, China manufacturers, also should look at the development of fully automatic packing machines from the long-term perspective to actualize the fully automatic and unmanned operations,so as to provide more efficient machines.

What’s the advantage of the Fully Automatic Packing Machine?


The fully automatic packing machines could prevent our laborers away from some that can seriously harm laborers’ health products such as severely dusty, toxic products, irritation, and radioactive products. If the manufacturers adopt the hand-packing method, the packed product inevitably hurts the laborers’ health.While the fully automatic packing machines could fully avoid this issue, and also effectively protect the environment from pollution.

Consistent Packing

The fully automatic packing machine could pack with consistent specifications, in accordance with the packing requirement, such as the shape, size. The hand-packing method can not ensure such consistency. This is very important for the export commodities. Only the fully automatic packing machine can achieve normalized, standardized, and satisfactory packing.

High Labor Productivity

Compared with the hand-packing method, the fully automatic packing machines have a higher packing speed. I take the candy packing as an example. If the factory adopts the hand-packing method, the workers only can pack more than a dozen package. While the machine could pack hundreds of or even thousands of packages in a minute.

Other Operations

A fully automatic packing machine could achieve some operations which the hand-packing method can not achieve, such as vacuum packaging, inflatable packaging, and isobaric filling.

Vacuum skin packaging machine SS-480T(Rotary type)

Satisfied High Hygiene Standards

The fully automatic packing machines could ensure some products’ hygiene, such as food, surgical mask, medicine. According to the sanitation law, they can not be packed in a hand-packing method. The hands contaminate the products. While the fully automatic packing machines avoid direct contact with food and medicine by human hands and satisfied the high hygiene standard.


Packing machines take a place in our industrial development. Our business can not work without the packing machines. If you are hunting for a reliable and trustworthy China packing machine wholesaler, you could find Samsonpac. Samsonpac provides different types of packing machines: vegetables wrapping machine, meat vacuum machine, fruit packing machine, snacks, filling machines, and so on.

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