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The Ultimate Guide: Powder Packing Machine


Through the careful observation of the packing machines, you could find out the powder packing machine is a versatile machine that you just operate two procedures and finish packing: distributing powders into premade bags and tightly sealing the pouches shut. Because of its convenience, we, the industrial personnel usually call it a powder filling and sealing machine.


Today,the author would give an introduction to the above-mentioned powder packing machine. This article could help you comprehensively understand the powder packing machine.


The Structure of Powder Packing Machine

Due to the oversize, the powder packing machine is designed to be assembled by different parts and components. In this section, the author would list the major structure, because the major parts play a vital role in the packing process.



·Double Film Roll Structure  ·Double Film Pulling Belt ·Bag Forming Device  ·Date Printer  ·Cutter  ......


Benefits of Powder Packing Machine

As mentioned, the powder packing machine offers multi-functions to our users.Because it has rich functions, it also has many benefits. These benefits are too much to list in detail. Therefore, the author would list the major benefits in the following parts:

·PLC control system, 7’’ touch screen HMI. Easy and direct operation

·Stainless steel material, accord the sanitary compliance

· Simple and firm machine structure,drastically reduce the vibration and noise during the working process.

· Automatic packing process, ensures higher efficiency and save labor cost.




Food Packing: Puffed food, shrimp, peanuts, popcorn, oatmeal, melon seeds, jelly

Granular Strips Packing: Sugar, Salt, washing powder, etc.

Powder Strips Packing

Short Strips Packing

(Optional different metering devices can be used to package different types of products.)


Packing Style

The powder packing machine is versatile in the packing style. The machine could offer the factories or manufacturers different styles of packing, such as chain bag, guest bag, pillow bag.




The powder packing machine not only ensures the safety and hygiene of products but also could improve the working efficiency and the market competitiveness of the company. Samsonpac Packing Machine is an expert in manufacturing packing machines. We bear every customer’ s trust and confidence to manufacture every packing machine, making good use of the international advanced technology.

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