Horizontal Packing Machine

Full Servo Box Motion Flow Packaging Machine SS-680XWS

Outstanding Features

All control in one control panel, user-friendly and easy operation

Box-motion cutter for high products packing and ensure the compact package

Empty bag prevention, no product no bag

Update version of anti-cut on product function,perfectly avoid damage on the products and the cutter

Memory function, can store 99 groups of package parameters (product position, packing speed, bag length)

Independent control for movement of center sealing part and end sealing part, to meet different product height

Have alternative choose for flexible length system and fix length with guide pusher

Pure PE film can be use on the machine




Bakery products:
- Mini croissants

- Biscuits
- Brownies
- Cookies
- Crackers
- Croissants
- Muffins
- Cake
- Cup cake
- Bread
- Bun
- Toaster pastries
- Pancakes
- Sandwiches
- Wafer
- Waffle

Bar products
-Candy bars
-Chocolate bars
-Crisped rice bars
-Energy bars
-Nutrition bars
-Instant noodle
-Rice noodle
Daily necessities
-Napkin tissue
-Toilet paper
-Washing sponge
Product with tray




Optional auxiliary equipment/function

l Date printer - Ink roll printer, thermal transfer printer, ink jet printer
l Labeling machine
l Nitrogen generator
l Metal detector
l Weight detector
l Multi-head weigher
l Multi-language interface
l Visual Identity System
l Gusset device
l Anti-empty bag function
Any other customized function


Pack Styles

Our series of packaging machinery can produce high-quality and innovative pack styles you need. Or contact our experts to talk about your new ideas. 

Food Packaging Machine

1. Food Box Packing Machine
2. Food Powder Packing Machine
3. Liquid Packing Machine
4. Tea Bag Packing Machine
5. Instant Noodles Packaging Machine
6. Skin Packaging Machine For Food
7. Food Wrapping Machine

Vacuum Packing Machine

1. Vertical Vacuum Packing Machine
2. Double Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine
3. Powder Vacuum Packing Machine
4. Vacuum Skin Packing Machine

Vertical Packaging Machine

1. Vertical Pouch Packing Machine
2. Vertical Powder Packing Machine
3. Vertical Liquid Packing Machine
4. Vertical Cartoning Machine
5. Vertical Packing Sealing Machine

Automatic Machine

1. Automatic Cartoning Machine
2. Automatic Box Packing Machine
3. Automatic Vacuum Packing Machine
4. Automatic Vertical Packing Machine
5. Automatic Double Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine
6. Automatic Powder Packing Machine
7. Automatic Granule Packing Machine
8. Automatic Instant Noodles Packaging Machine
9. Automatic Food Wrapping Machines
10. Automatic Skin Packaging Machine
11. Automatic Food Packing Machine

Semi-automatic Wrapping Machine

Model SS-680XWS
Width of film ≤680mm
Thickness of film bobbin 30-75um
Dimension of film roll outer diameter≤300mm, inner diameter≤75mm
Single blade bag size (80-6000)*(50-320)*(3-140)mm(L*W*H)
Single blade packing speed 10-40bags/min
Double blade bag size NA
Double blade packing speed NA
Power requirement 220V,50HZ,5.7KW
Machine size 5000*1200*1650mm
Machine Weight 920kg
Motor configuration servo
Film running way from top
Cuting ways rotary/reciprocation
Sealing back seal


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