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Top 6 Best Packing/Packaging Machine for Your Factory


Packing machines are a modern packing technology to serve many fields of the markets. The reliable packing machines could improve your packing efficiency and protect the products away from potential bacteria. If you are planning to purchase the packaging machines from the packing machine manufacturers, Samsonpac could be your NO.1. Here are the 6 best food/fruit/medicine packing machines in Samsonpac.

Top 1 Full Servo Flow Packaging Machine SS-500S


auto multi-function packing machine


This packaging machine is versatile for food, mask, and daily necessities packing. This machine is user-friendly because it provides one touch screen to operate the whole control. With the advanced design, the packaging machine has the practical function that empty bag prevention, no product no bag. It also has a product cutting prevention system that the machine would stop if the cutter cuts the product. Third, this packaging machine has a memory function. It can memorize 99 groups of package detail such as product position, packing speed.


Top2 Full Servo Flow Packaging Machine SS-680WS


auto wrapping packing machine


The most outstanding feature in this full servo flow packaging machine is alternative and flexible length system with guide pusher. It could change the different length to meet the different packaging requirements. The latest version of anti-cut on product function, can let the machine perfectly avoid damage on the products and cutter. Equipped with 750W and 1000W 1:10 motor, this machine could provide the powerful and stable working line.


Top 3 Full Servo Flow Packaging Machine SS-450XS

Auto packing machine

The third best horizontal packaging machine can be used for the packing of the bakery products (cup cake, bread, wafer, etc)and bar products(energy bars, chocolate bars, toilet paper,etc). This third best packaging machine also has one touch screen, product cutting prevention, and memory function. Its single knife packing speed is 10-100 bags per min. The double knife packing speed is 20-200 bags per min.


Top 4 Full Servo Box Motion Flow Packaging Machine SS-450XWS

full servo box motion flow packaging machine

This horizontal packaging machine is versatile for food, hardware product packing. The hardware product includes hinge, handle, spike, lock, nutsert, and so on. SUS304 stainless steel cutters help save a budget on maintenance cost. You also customize the double blades for this type of packaging machine. Panasonic and Siemens servo system gives you a stable and smooth produce line.


Top 5 Full Servo Flow Packaging Machine SS-350XS

auto multi packaging machine


7'' one touch screen makes your operation easier. 3 servo motors (conveyor, center sealing, and sealing) ensure provides you a great working efficiency in packaging. The excellent motion controller also quickly responds to your various commands. You can customize the tail-stock length. The touch screen helps you set the parameter for the packaging. This packaging machine also provides digital temperature control to that ensure the freshness of food. Furthermore, the digital temperature control is very important for the chocolate bar packaging line. If the machine temperature is over hot, the chocolate would melt and and out of the shape. The temperature control can make sure the temperature in a relative comfort temperature for the chocolate and other food.


Top 6 Full Servo Flow Horizontal Flow Wrap Packing Machine SS-680WS Price


multi function packing machine


This horizontal flow wrap packing machine has an accurate positioning feature that makes sure the accurate packaging. It also makes sure the accurate temperature setting through the independent controller. It also offers optional auxiliary equipment, such as a multi-head weigher, multi-language interface, labeling machine, and so on. Fluent lines, elegant design, accurate function are all reflected from this great wrap packing machine. As for the application, it can be applied to the packaging of diapers, chains, bread, commodities, hardware, and so on. This wrap packing price is also reasonable.



Each type of packaging machine has its own advantages. You should accordingly to choose the right packaging machine for your factory or project. If you are hunting for others packaging machines, Samsonpac offers a variety of packing machines, filling machines, wrapping machines for sale for all over the world. Samsonpac is a trustworthy and professional packaging machine manufacturer.

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