Horizontal Packing Machine

disposable paper towels toothpicks knives forks and spoons packaging machine

1. Compact structure, stable performance, simple operation.

2. Dual inverter control, bag length without cutting, there is no need to adjust, in one step, saving time and film.

3.Using imported electrical appliances, touch human-machine interface, convenient parameter setting .

4. Fault self diagnosis function, fault display stick out a mile.

5. High sensitivity photoelectric eye tracking, make the cutting position more accurately.

6. Temperature independent PID control, more suitable for all kinds of material coating.

7. Positioning stop function, non stick knives, do not waste of film.

8. The rotation system, reliable operation, convenient maintenance.The rotation system, reliable operation, convenient maintenance.

9. The control is realized by software, convenient for function adjusting and technical upgrading, never backward.

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Tips for getting the best quote from us you need:

1. What volume of each sachet?

2. What is length and width of each sachet?

3. Desired packing speed per minute?

4. Do you need date printer or cursor sensor?