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Aesthetic Design Dominate in Tea Packaging Market


Tea is a popular choice for both adults and kids. It can catch customer’s eyes if the tea bags can be presented with an elegant design. Also, the proper packaging can help to preserve the taste, freshness, and aroma of the tea products. Deciding on the proper tea bag filling machine for your tea is hard, so we wish this guide can help take some pressure off.

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How do you package your own tea bags?

There are many shapes of tea filling bags from which you can select the option that best suits to your requirements:

1.PE bag:

PE bags are the most often used packaging materials now. The advantages of PE bags are economy, cheapness, and moisture resistance. The disadvantage is that the light transmission and gas barrier properties are weak, and they cannot be used alone for tea packaging. It is best to add a layer of light-blocking and low air permeability film.

Generally, there are two types: low-density PE bags and high-density PE bags. Low-density PE bags are highly permeable and breathable, and high-density PE bags are small. And you can choose the one that fits your requirement.

2.Glass jar, wooden box, carton

Although the glass cylinder has good air and moisture resistance, it is light, fragile, heavy, and expensive. If the wooden box is not handled properly, it is easy for the tea to absorb a peculiar smell and absorb moisture. Carton or paper bag easily absorbs moisture and is not ideal for tea packaging.


3.Synthetic paper can

Synthetic paper is the most widely used packaging material. Its advantages are economy, lightness, beauty, breathability, and moisture permeability. Therefore, it is not suitable for stand-alone use. It is best to use PE bags or aluminum foil bags for inner packaging.

4. Folding carton packing

It can be designed into any shape and size, whether it is a simple cube or cuboid, or a beautiful box with a "petal top", it can be packaged with the highest quality packaging materials for long-term storage and use. Boxed packaging made of kraft paper and sometimes even cardboard is transported in a flat form, and assembly is a piece of cake!



The suitable tea packaging can not only make the tea last longer, but also catch the eyes of the customer. Samsonpac provides high quality tea bag filling and sealing machine, and if you need more information about your product, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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