Extruder Packing Machine

SS-40B Automatic play dough dough cup extruding play dough packing machine

(1) Cup feeding: to feed the cups automatically by additional feeder in the packing machineline.

(2) Cup conveyed by metal chain: machine will convey the cups by pushers of the chain.(3) Cup sterilization: to sterilize for the cups.

(4) Feeding product: Worker pull the plasticine into this hopper, screw will feed the plasticine tothe extruder device.

(5) Extruding: to extrude the plasticine.

(6) Shape forming: to make the different size of plasticine by the different mould.

(7) Cup filing:. Cup stop under this device, and finished plasticine will fill into the cup.(8) Cup conveyed by metal chain: After filign, the cups still move ahead.

(9) Cups moving by mechanical arm: mechanical arm carry cups to the sealing/cappingmachine

(10) Film sealing: Each cup will first too use the film to sealing the cup mouth.(11) Cup capping: Then capping the cup mouth.

(12) Feeding cap: to feed the caps one by one above the cup.

Machine Dimension L3500*W1OO0*H2200mm
Machine Weight 1000KG
Power 220V,50HZ,3kw
Air pressure 0.6~0.85Mpa
Gas consunption 0.45 M³/min
Capacity 30~40cups/min
Packing Type Cup
Packing Range 30-120g
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